SINCE 1964


We love beef

We deliver the highest quality grass-fed beef from farmers who love what they do.

Temple Grandin showed us decades ago that animal welfare is the key to good beef. Our farmers raise their cattle in open fields and sacrifice them humanely and following all the sanitary protocols, ensuring a high-standard piece of meat is delivered and maintains it's quality until it is put on the table.

We've been in the cattle and meat business since 1964, when Miguel Maal Sr. transported bulls on a ferry from Colombia to Curacao. To date, we have sold over 500,000 bulls and 75,000MT of beef.

What we do

Any part of the meat business, we know it.

International Beef Trade

Offering the most affordable grass-fed beef from the premier slaughterhouses in Brazil, Colombia and Panama.

Contact us and find out if we are exporting to your region.

Refrigerated, Frozen, Vacuum-packed, Selected cuts. You name it, we price it.

International Livestock Trade

This is our most traditional business. We have cattle ready to be loaded from Latin America and Europe to most countries.

Contact us and find out if we can service your region (the answer will always be yes).

We only use reliable and tested vessels.

Freights & Logistics

Are you looking to move your cattle or beef to an international market?

Or perhaps you want to reach a new region within your country?

We have the know-how and the contacts. Reach out to us and let's have a chat - we'll only charge if you are successful.

Cattle Consultancy

International Commerce is filled with little tips and tricks. Let us help you make international trade simple, showing you how the winners do it.

Do you need help reducing cattle mortality in transport? Or would you like to speed up your loading operation?

What cuts are being exported to a certain region of the globe? And how should you adapt your slaughterhouse?

Would you like support opening a new market?

Brokerage Services

We can broker anything.

Do you need a buyer in a region you know your competition is selling?

Do you need a special certification to trade your cattle or meat?

Do you need a customs agent in a far-away country? 

Do you need an introduction to a banker who has experience with this business? Or to structure your operation in the most efficient way?

ChainPal (coming soon...)

Ask us about ChainPal (Expected for H2/2021), a project brought forth to modernize international payments.

Using Blockchain technology, you can make smart contracts directly with your clients that work without a middle man.

That means a safer AND cheaper transaction.

We'd love to talk about the main benefits of using Blockchain for your collections and how we can develop our platform to suit your needs.

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